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Review: Women with big eyes - Angeles Mastretta

Title: Women with big eyes
Author: Angeles Mastretta
Pages: 384
My rating: 

Women with Big Eyes is Mexican novelist Ángeles Mastretta's most widely read work, now available for the first time in an English translation. Each of the stories in Women with Big Eyes reveals a different woman, yet they are linked by a single thread: the uniting revelation that women share an unnamed force, whether it comes in the form of iron resolve, flaming passion, or simply the knowing and mystical ways to nurture a soul. 

Mastretta's women are vibrant, sly, wise, earthy, and full of life, with stories that mesmerize. From these pages, they gaze at you, into you, each representing an aspect of what it means to be a woman with big eyes-able to see the world for what it is, to wink at it, and to make an uncompromising life within it. 

Ángeles Mastretta is a delightful storyteller, and these tales are shot through with sex and laughter. Women with Big Eyes makes a perfect, exquisite gift for any woman with a passionate heart and radiant eyes.

My thought:
That was a piece of art. Really!
I actually don't really like South-american writers, mostly because I usually find their stories too much distant from my world. I tried with Isabelle Allende (because a friend of mine told me: "You're not a woman if you haven't read Allende's books"), in particular "The house of the spirits", but I fell asleep more often than not and Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who brought the same result as Allende's book.. :D
BUT! I really needed a female author from South America in a challenge hosted on aNobii. I chose this book only because it was small and seemed 'less worst' then others.
I simply loved it and I find that I miss it too!
It's composed by short stories that has one feature in common: they have women as main characters. Women who are really different: there is the married, the lover, the betrayed, the young, the dying, the child, the unappreciated, the too-much appreciated, the crazy, the worker, the insecure, the wife, the daughter, the mother.. 
There a lot of them, and there are lots of tales. I dindn't like some of them, didn't mind some others, but I certainly loved a lot.. The author is able to use words as she please and everytime, she creates wonderful worlds in which women live and act.. 
Some quotes are memorable, really!
It surprised me, because I didn't find it distant from my way of life, indeed I found these women so close to me that it seemed they were old friends.. :)
I'm so happy that I've discoverd this author! I want to read everything she has written so far! ^^

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