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Review: Don Camillo - Guareschi

Title: The little world of Don Camillo
Author: Giovanni Guareschi
Pages: 180
My rating: 

Disaster threatens when a mild-mannered Italian priest wages a personal war against the village communists.

My thought:
Another great italian book that should be well known all over the world!
I bought this book years ago, because a friend of mine was constantly talking about Don Camillo here, Don Camillo there.. I didn't want to start it though, 'cause I thought it was a boring, appalling and not-for-me reading. Well, this book is my refined wine: it has been in my library for years and it aged wonderfully!
I read it really quickly and when I finished.. I wish it had been longer!! It made me laugh so hard that my mum heard me from her room.. :D
There are two main characters: Don Camillo, a priest and Peppone, the 'communist' mayor of the village. They spend their time annoying each other, doing things just to make the other angry, hating each other and so on.. They are nemesis, they wish they could live without the other and always speak ill.. But at the end (at the very end!!) they are friends, they protect the other when in need and really fight for good reason! (more or less.. =P)
Beyond the funny side there is so much to discover: friendship, Italian situation post-war, way of life in a little country.. :)
Really really advised!

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