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Review: Letter to a child never born, Oriana Fallaci

Title: Letter to a child never born
Author: Oriana Fallaci
Pages:  102
My rating: 

Sorry, I couldn't find any plot in english on the web!
You'll have to trust me! :)

My thought:
When I read books like this, I feel proud to be italian. Yes, we have many problems and lots of things don't work as they should.. But once in a while we do something good! Oriana Fallaci was a great journalist and writer, but first of all, she was a memorable woman... 
So, she wrote a short book about pregnancy and being a mum.. What is so special?
It's an amazing book, intense, meaningful and more often than not, painful. 
Oriana speaks with the fetus that is growing inside her and while I was reading, I wished my mum had written it: it's a touching dialogue, even if disenchanted and absolutely hard on the world that is waiting for the child. The writer warns her baby about his/her life to be: Nothing will be easy, people will be mean and no-one will give anything free. She wants him to be ready to fight in order to conquer his space in the world..
I really enojoyed the reading, though it wasn't easy sometimes and maybe  it can be truly understood only my mums or mums-to-be. No problem at all, I decided I'd have to read it again once I'll be a mum myself!
Best part is the trial one that left me heartbroken..
This book should be mandatory for mums, women in general and why not? Also for me, because they can be the best parents in the world, but ther will never understand what does it mean carrying a baby inside them.. :)

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