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Review: When love comes to town - Lennon

Title: When love comes to town
Author: Tom Lennon
Pages: 175

Plot: Meet Neil Bryne -try-scorer on the rugby field, prizeiwinning student, one of the in-crowd at the disco, regular guy, gay. Presenting one face to the world and burying his true feelings in fantasy, Neil manages to keep his secret. But when fantasy isn't enough and he becomes caught up in the bizzarre subculture of Dublin's gay nightlife, the pretense must end. It is the time for truth. The conseguences are both hilaroius and painful. Told with honesty, humour and originality,"When love comes to town" brings a new type of hero to modern Irish fiction.

My thought:
There are two Neils: the one that has lots of friends, who enjoys going to the bars with them and who is happy and the other that is probably the loneliest person in the whole world. He can't share with his family and his friends a frightening secret: he's gay. When he decides to reveal it to his best friend, Neil discovers a new world in which he isn't the only gay boy in the world. and he meets lots og guys like him.
I really liked the first part of this book, because Neil is such a sweet boy.. He made me feel so protective! The second part losts part of its brilliance and it's a little bit confused.
Furthermore, some themes ought to be tretead in a less superficial way, such as Daphne's death due to AIDS..
I would have liked to read about Ian and Neil! 
Praises for this book: it feels real and is peopled by great characters.. As I said, Neil is a sweetheart! *_*
By the way, the title refers to a song by U2.. :)

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