mercoledì 26 dicembre 2012

Me, myself and I!

Hello there!
I'm Serena, not-so-new to the blog's world: I actually have another one in italian, my first language.. 
Problem is I read english books quite often and I wanted them to be rewiewed in their language! 
So I decided to create a second blog in which I could write down only in english and here I am!

Ok, truth to be told, I enjoy looking for new skins, themes and so on and furthermore, I need a space to use for NetGalley.. 
Anyone knows it? I think i fell in love with that service! *_* Publishers send to readers their books, often unpublished yet, to earn rewiews and popularity.. I asked for lots of books, and they sent me a lot of them!

Although I always rewiew them on Goodreads, aNobii and the other blog, I do in italian and it's little use for them.. Who in this wide world speak italian? Let's face it! No-one -.-

Ok, that's all falks! :D

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